Hey!  Thanks for checking out FerskTech Adventures, the hotel booking tool for FerskTech MVPs, also known as friends and family of FerskTech employees. We’re the team behind FerskTech, a travel tech startup that’s shaking up the corporate travel industry with fresh solutions for managing corporate hotel programs.  We believe travel shouldn’t be boring or stressful, it should be a journey full of excitement, spontaneity, and heaps of fun – whether you’re jetting off for work or play.

What's a Fersk?

We're glad you asked! Fersk is the Norwegian word for fresh, and FerskTech is offering fresh solutions to stale problems. The FerskTech team prides themselves on being innovative and forward thinking, striving to provide the "freshest" ideas for challenges that have plagued corporate travel for decades.

So what is next for FerskTech?

FerskTech is on a roll in 2023.  Our first game-changer, FerskAudit, gives companies the inside scoop on the accuracy and availability of their negotiated hotel rates.  We’re currently offering this powerhouse tool in pilot programs, and it’s fully integrated with Sabre (Amadeus integration is coming up, stay tuned!).  But FerskAudit is just the beginning.  Our FerskSuite roadmap includes FerskStrategy (our secret weapon that cuts through the noise to help companies develop a smart sourcing and negotiation strategy),FerskSource (an easy to use RFP/Contracting knockout for managing annual contracts) and FerskPlanner (an innovative traveler facing tool that integrates corporate preferred hotels with relevant trip planning information).  All FerskSuite tools are integrated so Travel Managers can work like a boss with a single source of truth. 

We’re thrilled to announce the impending launch of FerskTrek, the trip planning tool for all you plucky individual business travelers out there (yes, we mean you, entrepreneurs and contractors!). And if you’re working for a small business that doesn’t need the full FerskTech suite of products, FerskTrek is the perfect solution for you too! We packed it with all of the features you need to create a business trip that doesn’t feel like just another day at the office. So keep your eyes peeled, because FerskTech is about to hit the scene.

If you are interested in learning more about our corporate travel solutions, head over to our website at fersktech.com,or contact us.

What about this site?

We have talked enough about work – let’s talk about play!  FerskTech Adventures was designed to help our friends and family create new adventures and make unforgettable memories.  We offer access to discounted rates in many markets, so you can explore the world without breaking the bank.  Check out our recommended destinations for some inspiration, and book your hotel. 

Let’s get traveling!